capezio B219

    Shine bright with this feminine duffle in holographic pink. The Legacy Duffle features easy to acces main compartment with two handles and removable strap. Two outer zip pockets with iconic Leaping Lena. Holographic polyester/nylon. One size (26 x 18) Product Features: Pink holographic print features iconic Leaping Lena Easy access to main compartment Two handles and removable strap makes carrying easy Two outer zip pockets

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    balance european ES0160L

    BEST SELLER! The European Balance has a curved last that follows the natural contours of the foot, providing comfort and injury protection. Features The Balance European allows the dancer to feel like they can stand 'en pointe' all day because the curved last and the shank remain in close contact with the instep significantly improving injury protection. Tapered box with less internal space for the toes which creates a snug and secure fit. The exterior of the shoe has a more streamlined appearance without losing the width of the platform. The generous platform encourages balanced weight distribution and can reduce pressure on individual metatarsals. The European Balance has a diagonal side seam which reduces satin creasing. The low profile of the shoe, open throat line of the vamp shape, and the elastic drawstring, creates a streamlined, snug fit. Notes Ribbons and elastic sold separately

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    Οικονομικό παπούτσι για παραδοσιακούς χορούς S0324LU

    Kickline-άνετο με μαλακό πάτο για πολλές ώρες χορό ιδανικό για παραδοσιακούς χορούς  ΚΑΙ ΓΙΑ ΠΑΡΕΛΑΣΗ Αυτά τα παπούτσια υψηλής ποιότητας από την εταιρία Bloch παρέχουν μέγιστη στήριξη της καμάρας και διαθέτει ενισχυμένους πάτους για την απορρόφηση κραδασμών. Επιπλέον, το τακούνι ύψους 2,5 » (6.35cm) παρέχει σταθερότητα. * Το εξωτερικό μέρος αποτελείται από συνθετικό δέρμα. * 6,35 εκατοστά τακούνι. * Ευέλικτη σόλα ρητίνης.  The S0324 Kickline character shoe is a top quality stage shoe produced in quality PU for durability, comfort and economy. Flexible resin outsole provides improved movement in demi and pointe. νούμερα 3.5 =35.5 4=36.5europe 4.5=37.5europe 5= 38europe 5.5 = 38.5 6=39.5 europe. 6.5=40 europe. 7=40.5 europe 7.5=41 europe 8=42 europe Colors: black

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    Αθλητικό παπούτσι για χορό Αερόσολα που κρατάει τους κραδασμούς Best Seller! Dynamic resistance technology dance sneaker. Features Split, non-marking outsole sneaker made on a high arch last with lightweight high performance materials Provides range of movement and support to appeal to dancers across broad range of dance disciplines Built in arch support and elevation to accentuate the arch Variable lacing system for support and optimum fit in the arch Compression molded EVA sock liner Dri-Lex lining that is non-wrinkling, breathable and odor/mildew resistant Suede heel grip with D.R.T cushioned heel for shock absorption and comfort Lightweight manmade midsole with air cushion of 4PSI for shock absorption Four part high density man made outsole with spin spot for 360 degree turns Fabric Suede, Mesh

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